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What do I need to do real time gps tracking ?

On this page you will find information about real time GPS tracking process - the basic definition, technical aspects and the step by step instruction how to start GPS Tracking and which components are required.

Free GPS Real Time tracking


Real time gps tracking - definition

At the beginning we define the concept of GPS tracking. Basically, the term is a process & a  methodology that allows you to determine the location of any object in space and time - remotely - without the need to be in the same place as the tracked object.

GPS Tracking verus GPS Marking (geo tagging)

By definition, there is no point in tracking immovable  objects such as real estate (buildings, bridges, constructions), elements of inanimate nature, such as lakes, growing trees, mountains etc because their position can not change in time.
When determining the location of such non-movable objects - we are talking about GPS position marking or geo-tagging, not tracking.

The GPS marking is useful when we want to show someone the way to a destination, e.g. for a meeting. By definition - the position of a stationary object once known and recorded -  remains constant.

In a situation where the location of an object in space (on the globe or in space) can change over time and we want to describe the nature and dynamics of this change - we must use the process of GPS tracking, which will allow us to describe the location of the object at a given time.

the term GPS tracking applies only to moving objects such as

  • cars and other land vehicles
  • boats and yachts
  • planes and other aircraft such as paragliders, gliders, drones
  • people on foot


What do I need to start tracking via GPS using your platform ?

To be successful in gps tracking, you need 2 basic components:

  • GPS Tracker - a device that is attached to movable object or is the integral part of the tracker object
  • GPS Tracking platform - a IT system that receives, stores and displays the position of tracked object (GPS Tracker) on a map in time.

GPS Tracker & GPS Tracking platform - main differences


GPS Tracker

  • Electronic device with GPS Radio Receiver
  • Must have direct on in-direct Internet connection in one of the following technology: 5G, LTE, 4G, HSPDA, WiFi
  • Must be battery powered and enabled during tracking to provide real-time signal
  • Examples: Smartphone, Tablet, Smart watch

GPS Tracking platform

  • Secure IT system with database, user account, authorization mechanism, like SpySat.eu
  • Receives GPS Coordinates from GPS Trackers and store
  • On-line 24/7 - available via Internet connection
  • Accessible via GUI Interface like website to display position on map & browse history

How to enable GPS Tracking in real time ?

If you look for a real time GPS tracking solution for your home or professional application - you are in right place.

First of all you must have a PDA or mobile phone (smartphone or tablet) equipped with a GPS receiver and Internet access (via GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / 3G / 4G  / HSDPA / LTE LTE+). Currently we support most of the devices with Windows Mobile and Google Android (version 1.5 or higher) . Detailed list of the devices we support you can find at the main page.

Update 2019- devices older than Android 6.0

Due to Google's withdrawal of official support for Android earlier than 6.0 - our list of supported phones has been limited.
This does not mean, however, that on old phones SpySat has stopped working - if it was installed there earlier - it will continue to operate.
To use your old phone as a tracking device - you can also download our application from alternative stores or upload the APK directly.


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Next you have to create account on this site

Click here - How to create account on spysat site ?

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