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SpySat is real time gps tracking solution which help you to change your phone into real time gps tracker.


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Configure your mobile device and use it as tracking device absolutely for free with any limitations


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Hardware GPS Tracker support

We are proud to announce that we have begun work on support for imaging the position of popular hardware GPS trackers available on the Internet. It will be possible thanks to the use of proxies intermediary systems - implemented to the standards of each producer.
People willing to take part in the beta test - please browse our forum / blog.


New link for download SpySat from Google Play

Now spysat is available under this link


New RestFul API

We have started developing new RestFUL API based on JSON for SpySat.eu engine. More details you will find on our blog


SpySat on New Server

Today we have moved Spysat to new faster server. Actually we have 8 CPU Xeon Cores and 32 GB of RAM and 2 TB of Storage.

Hope you enjoy.

Next we will be working on GUI improvements.


New Android client application is now available

From today we have published in Google Play new version of Android client, designed for 24/7 work with remote control features and much better energy saving.

You can download it from here

More information will be available soon on the blog. Enjoy!

Welcome to SpySat - professional GPS Phone tracking platform

Change you mobile into tracking-device

For now, you don't need very  expensive or defective tracking systems. All you need is a mobile phone or PDA and simple tracking for your device download from our website.


Take a few minutes to setup and start tracking your devices in real time.


check how it works.

Professional geolocation  absolutely for free.


Do you have a mobile or PDA equipped with GPS and Internet connection (GPRS / EDGE / UMTS etc)?

Just enough is enough to enjoy unlimited access to our platform - 365 days a year, 24 hours a day - with unlimited amounts of data and number of devices.

One SpySat - many applications.

From today you can record the location of any moving objects: vehicles, people, animals, etc.

Our software allows you to track any number of objects simultaneously on one map  with information about the speed and time of the last signal reception.

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