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How to track smart watches or fit trackers ?

Wearable devices such as smart watches or active bands are gaining more and more fans around the world.
With the development of this segment of electronics, which is part of a larger group - the Internet of Things - there are more and more opportunities to use these devices in everyday life.

Tracking physical activity during training, e.g. running, swimming or cycling, is possible with a small device attached in the form of a wrist or leg band.

The progressing miniaturization means that more and more functions can be found in these devices.
In addition to the sensors available as standard, such as a stopwatch or heart rate monitor - these devices have access to GPS location data and even direct access to LTE internet thanks to the e-Sim technology.

How to track smart watch or sport tracker - Samsung & Apple watch


What is e-SIM and how to use it in real time tracking ?

SIM card - which can be in various sizes, e.g. standard, micro, nano is a physical chip that is mounted in the phone or a hardware GPS tracker.
We receive a SIM card from a mobile operator, e.g. T-mobile, AT&T, Vodafone, BT, Orange etc. - depending on which part of the world you live in.
It doesn't matter if the service is prepaid or on time (subscription) - the SIM card is issued by the telecommunications service provider (voice calls, SMS, Internet)

However, SIM card management is problematic:


  • change the SIM card when changing operator
  • devices must have slots, slots for its assembly
  • the card can be stolen and transferred to another device - sometimes it is a disadvantage and sometimes an advantage.

The alternative to sim cards is the eSIM standard.

eSim size vs Standard SIM nanoSIM microSIM


What exactly is the eSIM standard?

Built-in SIM cards - as the name implies - are characterized by the fact that the chips used to store user data are located on the motherboard of the device, and the registration and downloading process takes place in the OTA (Over-the-Air) system. At first glance, the solution may resemble virtual cards that have long been used in the United States.

It has been said for many years that the eSIM (Embedded SIM) solution, which in Europe is referred to as "built-in SIM card", will soon replace traditional SIM cards. The more so because recently giants like Samsung or Apple are directing their interest towards this standard, and the GSM Association (GSMA) some time ago presented its final version.

eSIM is the future?

The experts claims that phones and watches manufacturers will soon bet on eSIMs because eSIM standard is also a great option for them. Embedding an additional chip in the motherboard means that companies will not have to worry about dedicated slots. This will allow you to create thinner smartphones, models with larger batteries, or equipment with a more airtight design that will better cope with the effects of water or dust.


GPS Real time tracking of Wearables

The degree of technological advancement of wearable devices has meant that they can be used as independent real-time GPS position trackers.

Software installed in wearable devices is not yet standardized. There is a version of the android system for dressed devices but the most popular manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Garmin - use their own solutions.

On our site you will find practical tips and necessary software that allows you to use smartwatch or fit tracker devices as a real-time GPS tracker.

For the most popular devices available on the market in 2019, we have prepared a set of pulgin and extensions that can be installed on your watch to turn it into a GPS tracker.

Where can I buy Activity Trackers ?

Please visit this site: https://smartphonesoutions.eu/product-category/activity-trackers/


Ready to start tracking your smart watch?

Of you have installed our software on the watch you can use it to find your lost or stolen watch with smart function or active band

For complete step-by-step tutorial about GPS Tracking in real time - please select your model from the list below.

Samsung Gear 3 Frontier

Smart Watch (eSIM + LTE)

Huawei Watch GT

Smart Watch

Your device is not on the list ?

If you can't find your device on the list and you are still interested in locating your device - don't worry - we have alternative ways. Please reffer to the FAQ section

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