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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Tracking

Smart Watch

Technical specification of Galaxy Watch Active 2

Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the latest version of the Samsung watch. The device is available in two sizes - 44 mm or 40 mm - and in two styles of execution. What else is known about technical data?

The smartwatch allows you to manually track over 39 types of activities, of which seven - running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing, elliptical cross trainer and dynamic exercises - are activated automatically. Thanks to the updated Running Coach function, you can monitor your pace in real time and use seven programs to help you achieve your goals.

How to track Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 in real time ?

Thanks to SpySat web platform and our dedicated App for Samsung Watches that are not equipped with eSIM - standalone LTE connection featre you could be able to track your smart watch only if it is in range of bluetooth.

Please follow the installation steps presented below:

  • Step 1. Download SpySat for Smart smart watch app from Google Play (Android Users only)
    • How to download application from Google Play




  • Step 4. Pair your samsung smart watch with Smartwatches Spy Sat App
    • How to pair SpySat for smart watches with Samsung Galaxy Watch 2


How to activate real-time tracking for devices without embedded LTE?

Smart watch devices or smart bands that do not have their own LTE module (eSIM) require a prior connection to the phone using the bluetooth protocol. The example of such device is Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Such smart phone with the SpySat for Smartwatches application installed is the intermediate link (called proxy) between the Samsung watch and the spysat geolocation servers.

The disadvantage is soultion is of course, the necessity of the presence of the phone in the range of  Bluetooth standard  operation.
The advantages include a significantly longer battery life of the smartwatch.

The telephone can be hidden e.g. in a car and even connected to the charger and an employee who moves wearing a watch could freely move around and do his job.

What happens to location data - when the device intelligence is out of the range of the phone?

in the case of an on-line connection - our Plugin - the application installed on the Samsung Galaxy watch immediately uploads the data to the phone and then to the servers.
In the case of offline scenario - when there is no connection with the phone - our plugin still collects geolocation data along with a time stamp and as soon as the watch is back in range of the phone - the data is synchronized and sent to the server.

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