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Currently SpySat provides software for mobile devices running under Windows Mobile and Google Android, but the openness of the data transfer protocol makes possible to create software for any hardware of software platform.


Technical documentation of spysat communication protocol


Communication protocol is based on HTTP. It requires to call periodically (recommended interval is 15 seconds or a multiple of it) a special URL with variables (GET method) in the following format:



Parameters desctiption:


[LOGIN] - login of the user in spysat website

[PIN] - numerical PIN of the tracking-device that have to be exaclky 

[LAT] -  latitude in "pure angle" format (do not use minutes and seconds)  ie. 50.5730831623077 - decimal separator is  dot

[LON] - longitude in "pure angle" format  (do not use minutes and seconds) ie. 23.0535784959793 - decimal separator is  dot

[ALT] - elevation (height above sea level) - expressed in meters, given as an integer (decimal fraction shall be ignored)

[SPEED] - speed -  expressed in kilometers per hour, provide as an integer (all decimal places are ignored)


It can therefore create your own software on any mobile device that has the technical capacity to receive GPS data and send them via the Internet to our server

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