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Welcome to SpySat - a free geolocation platform for phones

Before you create a Free SpySat account, please read this text and understand what our website is and what our site is definitely not.


What is spysat?


The Spysat is a free gps tracking platform. It means that this is a service that allows you to register and use your mobile phone (smartphone) or smart watch as a GPS Tracker instead of a hardware tracker. After it you will be able to monitor its position on our tracking website for free.

GPS Tracker is hardware device that allows you to determine your position in real time and present it on the maps on our website and with our approach you can change your phone into GPS Tracker.

If you want to know more about spysat tracking platform - click here


What do you need to run your phone tracking?

First of all you need to download and install our program from Google Play.

Then set up your account on the phone and on this page


What is spysat is not ?

SpySat is not a magic site that offers to find your phone or to track other people based on their phone number.

Remember that before tracking, you must first:

1. Have physical access to the phone to install our software

2.  Install our application on it.


Please, do not create an account if you do not understand how the service works.

More information can be found in FAQ

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