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How to remotely track any phone using GPS?

Modern telephones are very complex electronic devices with many communication modules like LTE / 5G / WiFi / GPS / Glonass.

If your phone has several necessary elements and communication protocols, thanks to our software you can turn it into an efficient GPS tracker, i.e. a device that allows you to track its actual location on the map.

Our solution is complex ecosystem that which consists of both a tracking application (GPS tracker) and a website where you can view the locations on the map.

The differences between the platform and the GPS tracker itself are explained in this article:

GPS Tracker vs Tracking Platroms - what is the difference

The best news about our tracking platform is that it is 100% free - you don't need to buy anything or send paid SMS messages.

The idea behind our project is that telephones (mostly Smartphones but also Tablets) equipped with GPS and Internet access can transmit GPS coordinates of the current location on an ongoing basis.

So you can use an old phone that you don't use and mount it in, for example, a company car to enjoy free geo-location.

How to start tracking phone for free?

You need to take a few steps depending on the device you have. The easiest way for you to start is by choosing the manufacturer and model of your phone.
In the following steps, we will guide you through the installation process.

If you do not find your phone or smartphone model on our list - don't worry - we also have a universal manual that will help you check if your model is suitable to start real-time GPS tracking.

Please select you phone manufacturer:

Disclaimer: Spysat service is not legally associated with the above producers - the rights to the graphic element (logo) belong to their respecitive owners - they were used for informational purposes.

What is necessary to start remotely tracking any phone or tablet

If you are looking for information on how to turn your phone into a remote GPS tracker - and enable remote tracking of the phone feature then you are in the right place.

SpySat combines server software (in the cloud) and a phone client application that allows you to turn any phone into a GPS Tracker.

Once the phone is configured to be a GPS tracker - you will be able to remotely observe its position on our website and have access to historical data.

In 2019, in addition to phones, devices such as smart and sports watches joined the group of devices that can be turned into GPS trackers using a dedicated application.

Please visit the FAQ section where we answer the most common questions about the SpySat platform.

Is SpySat safe and legal?

Many people ask us whether SpySat is malware or other dangerous software for a mobile phone?

We answer - no - SpySat is a 100% safe and legal system that will help give your phone a second life - you can use it instead of buying a hardware tracker as a separate device.

SpySat won't work if you don't install it on your phone first.

If you are installing SpySat on a phone that does not belong to you - for example an employee - you should generally get permission from the phone user to be tracked. We recommend that you consult a lawyer on this matter.

Please remember SpySat is not a magic software that will give you the location of any device remotely based on a phone number.

Be advised - this type of offer that can you find in Internet - is an attempt to extort your money and they are scam.

Only government services have access to the location of any phone based on GPS or BTS Triangulation, which we write about here.

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