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Dell devices supporting free gps tracking

Dell Streak 5

Google Android

By far the best phone I've had. It works quickly, smoothly, without suspensions. Great big screen to network, which can watch movies (only normal, HD to cut). Premium sound quality in the headphones, better than m MP3 players. Very well read books on it such as Cool Reader. Scrolling can be assigned to the volume keys and the camera and then very conveniently scroll both holding the phone in his right hand and in the left. So it is even combine s...

Dell Streak

Google Android

Dell Streak is a 5-inch beast that touches on two segementy market. Streak'a can be classified as a smartphone or tablet, thanks to its large dimensions and overground memory. Dell's first product with Android.

Dell Mini 3iX

Google Android

Anyone who has more or less versed in the cellular market, remembers the first phone manufactured by Dell. He was working on the Mini 3i Android model, aimed at the Chinese market. Everything points to the fact that Dell is preparing to introduce for sale (but fortunately not in China), some improved versions thereof - Mini 3iX Unlike the Chinese version the AT&T version will have Wi-Fi and 3G. The phone also comes with 850 and 1900 MHz bands, a...

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