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How to define new tracking device in spysat ?


If you have successfully created account on the spysat site you can add one or more mobile devices that you want to track.

First of all do the check list:

1. Have you got spysat account already ? - as described in section :  How to create account on spysat



If  yes, you can go further.

Jump into Add device form

1. Click on My SpySat to jump into devices section

2. Click Add device button. 


Add device to SpySat GPS tracking service

Fill form with tracking device parameters 

1. Give some friendly name of your device - it will be shown on the map. It will be helpful if you will be tracking many devices at the same time

2. You can also give some additional description of your device. This is for informational purposes only. You can give there device phone number, SIM card expire date or whatever you need to know about this mobile device.

3. Type your PIN or use this randomly generated. PIN is very important in mobile software configuration on the mobile device. It uniquely identifies your device



Add tracking device to SpySat - part 2


4. At the end - click Add button


Now you have successfully defined your mobile device. Now you can jump into mobile device to setup it properly.

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