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Why spysat consumes so much battery. Can it be improved ?

The basic app for android SpySat system has been designed for temporary use. In the case of a longer work, such as tracking 24 hours a day, consider connecting a permanent power source.

Working GPS with selectable continuous sending position every 15 seconds and the delta of zero results in a rapid battery consumption.

Reducing the response time for example to 2 minutes or more, and the delta gives clear in stutkach savings in the consumption of energy.


If you want  to change those parameters - instruction could be found here.

At the moment we are working on an alternative strong customer with time-off tracking. An additional advantage of the new application will be able to wake her by phone line, which will eliminate a mechanism for continuous polling of the server (so-called push by pooling)

We invite you to read on our blog. There is an article on the energy consumed by SpySat.

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