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LG V40 ThinQ

Google Android

LG makes good phones. The LG V40 ThinQ (plain old V40 from hereon in) is the best one it has ever made with three rear cameras, an excellent display and exceptional wired audio.

We have been looking forward to Europe's LG V40 ThinQ for a long time. However, the smartphone has so many advantages that it was really worth waiting for it for several long months. Audiophiles and photography fans will particularly like it, but not only because it is powerful and versatile equipment. Does it have a chance to break the hegemony of Samsung and Huawei in the premium segment?

It improves on the already great V30 in most areas, quite rare considering that phone’s quality. By all accounts, we should be crowning the V40 with a phone of the year award.

I really like the unobtrusive design that LG has been presenting for some time. Her flagship smartphone goes this way. Due to the fact that the proportions of the OLED screen here are 19.5: 9, the smartphone is very slim, just like the rest such as LG G7 ThinQ or LG G7 Fit. This effect is further enhanced by symmetrical frames, although they are not among the narrowest. Some may be saddened by the fact that the device has a notch.

SpySat Setup for LG V40 ThinQ device


Installation steps


1) Download "SpySat"  from Google Play (Market)  - all you need is to type "spysat" in search engine of Google Play Store or use this link

2) After installing the program will be available on the phone menu under the name Synteo SPYSAT.eu

3) When you first start the program it will ask you for a login and PIN devices.

In the Login field you have to enter your login used to log on to the spysat.eu
PIN could be defined on this website during defining the device (Spysat/Configure - button under the map).
Remember that entered PIN on the website must be exactly the same as PIN entered in the setup program on your LG V40 ThinQ.


If you have problems, please refer to our FAQ

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