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Does your solution suitable for monitoring fleet transport company?

Yes of course, it is true the application itself only provides location data, but it is possible to expand the its and connect to smartphone other sensors such as flow meter to check the fuel level in the car.


Currently we are working on using the car interface computers called ELM327 OBDII (OBD2) connected via USB or Bluetooth to the phone. This interface will allow you to download multiple data directly from the on-board computer. (BSI). The data transmitted not only serve to track the car, but also for the diagnosis of engine operating parameter are for example:

  • Read / erase fault codes OBD2 / EOBD / JOBD, and CAN
  • Read fault codes pending (when the CHECK ENGINE light is not illuminated)
  • Read the current engine operating parameters in real time (LiveData)



This great interface can diagnose, read and delete errors stored in the controller, view current parameters, read values from sensors, measure horsepower, torque, and all data will be sent using smartphone spysat servers with information about the position.


All of those data could be displayed on-line on your computer hundreds of miles away from car.

Thanks to the cooperation undertaken with Smartphone Solution for smart mobile devices - will soon be able to propose this solution called smart car, which will certainly be an interesting complement to our offer.


So if you are interesed in tracking your car - project site for this is developed here

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