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Can I use it to free track my wife car ?

What can I do to track my wife's car ?

SpySat can be freely used as a vehicle fleet management software. We have even prepared external site where you can find a particular car and get some information about where and how mount tracking device (for example unused old smartphone).


Through association with the car mechanics have developed many models possible the installation of equipment under the hood of the car with the possibility of a permanent connection to the electrical system of the car.


Can I use your system to track my wife?

If you have already asked this question:

Is it possible to track your wife's phone to find out where she is when you are at work? - You probably have some reasons for that.
For the sake of discretion, we will not cause the cause of these anxieties on your part because it is your personal matter.

General answer is Yes but depending on the country in which you live, the person without the knowledge of the person may be illegally in some cases. We are not lawyers and we won't give you free consultancy at this matter.

However, you must know that you mount the phone in the car and it is your car that technically you do not follow the person, only your own car.
In this situation, vehicle tracking is 100% legal, only if you are the sole owner.
 If the vehicle belongs to your wife or is a rented in the lease, you have to make sure your agent can do it.

Is it safe to track vehicle using spysat ?

You do not interfere directly with the car's electrical system, so you do not lose the guarantee and you do not have to go to the mechanic for complete assembly on your own.

In general - yes it is very safe to your beloved car.

 Why is it worth tracking your wife?

Well, the old chinese proverb says trust, but control. in a situation where 45% of marriages are broken up within 3 years and the cause of this phenomenon is betrayal, it is worth securing for such an event already in advance.


Here are some supported marks (more will be available soon)

For the whole list please visit: cartrack.spysat.eu

Note that you can also install smartphone inside car without any integration with your electrical system

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