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Nokia Lumia 625

Windows Mobile

Nokia Lumia 625 is the next position of Nokia Lumia series. Model is accompanied by five interchangeable covers in bright colors, which, together with live tiles offered by Windows Phone 8 increase the personalization of your smartphone. The Lumia 625 offers a number of features available in the flagship model, the Nokia Lumia 1020. These include integrated photographic applications such as Nokia Smart Camera, which allows you to remove unwanted objects from photos, as well as Nokia Kinograf that animates memories by adding motion pictures. Nokia Lumia 625 running Windows Phone 8 and update the Nokia Lumia Amber, offering advanced and user-friendly functions at an affordable price. Facilitate communication with your loved ones updated on a regular basis animated tiles on the home screen and Contacts application. Model also offers Xbox Live applications, and Microsoft Office, and 7 GB of memory useful for virtual disk SkyDrive. Nokia Lumia 625 gives users access to 165 000 entertainment applications, including Vimeo, FIFA 13 and PAYBACK, and Internet Explorer 10 provides secure browsing. Thanks to this new Nokia smartphone to check the video display, the use of games and all sorts of media. Nokia Lumia 625 also offers support for Micro SD memory card, which allows for 64 GB of additional memory. Available in smartphone Nokia Music allows free streaming music experience without ads, registration or subscription. To listen to your favorite songs in offline mode, users can download the playlist in advance. Large screen and super-fast connectivity on the Nokia Lumia 625 is HERE complement of services such as free maps and navigation on every corner.

Setup SpySat for Nokia Lumia 625



1) You have to download software developed by  Michael Chourdakis

You can do it directly from our site  http://spysat.pl/tgps.cab

or from the  Michael's site : http://www.turboirc.com/tgps/


2) After install software on Nokia Lumia 625 please select from menu:

Options / Tracking/Pursuit  / Tracking  options

and check Enable internet tracking

then in the field Send information each seconds type 15

and in the last  field Use this URL ...






Instead of [LOGIN] enter your login that you use to on spysat.eu

And instead of [PIN]  enter you device PIN. You can set it or change at any time using this website in Devices Managemnt section 

Remember that entered PIN on the website must be exactly the same as PIN entered in the setup program on your Nokia Lumia 625.

To access the device management please click here

User expeirence and feedback about Nokia Lumia 625 and SpySat

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