Professional GPS Spy for Samsung Wave Y device


Pro Spy GPS Tracker is dedicated software for Samsung Wave Y device that allows to to track position of the phone in real time.


This software can protect your car or your phone against theft. It is absolutely free solution and all you need is a phone with GPS and Internet connection.




Neat and articulate - so in a nutshell Samsung Wave Y Rounded Samsung Wave Y casing with a screen diagonal of 3.2 inches and a metallic finish makes the phone on each side looks interesting. With the Social Hub integrates and organizes all your contacts, messages (including social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter), and calendar information in one place, to keep informed of any changes. Exchange Active Sync allows you to synchronize e-mail server, receive e-mails on a regular basis and access to all your contacts. The smartphone also has access to Samsung Apps - app store created specifically for the Samsung phone. With streamlined interface and new features Samsung Apps will offer a wide selection of world-renowned programs and adapted to the local needs of applications. The Samsung ChatON instant messaging service will make it easy to get in touch with your friends, send messages, pictures, or video clips in real time. The program identifies contacts from the phone number of the person making it easier to find and work with other operating systems, which makes virtually any smartphone or PC user can use it. Wave Y is running the latest version of the platform bada 2.0 with TouchWiz user interface that makes it easy to navigate and personalize your smartphone. Processor clocked at 832 MHz ensures smooth transitions between applications and efficient multitasking. The smartphone also offers Wi-Fi connectivity, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and Bluetooth 3.0.




All you need to start tracking is to :

Pro Spy GPS Tracker - main screen


1. Download Pro Spy GPS Tracker from here

2. Run it and create free account on site

3. Define at least one device PIN and type it into Setup section

4. Press Home on your Samsung Wave Y device button to go background mode.

5. Watch your position on site.


If you need detailed instruction - please click here: How to start GPS Tracking

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  • How much cost tracking one person for a month
  • Is my geo-location data safe - how do you protect my privacy?



    If you have any problem with Pro Spy GPS Tracker on your Samsung Wave Y device you can use our on-line chat support for free !


    Remember that all thing you need to do is to create free account on site and you can get free gps tracking solution with 24/7 support .


    Setup screen is listed below:



    Click here to download APK for your Samsung Wave Y Device

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