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LG's first Android smartphone, LG GW620, represents the company's social networking vision to deliver a new kind of mobile experience for the growing number of consumers who insist on having their social networking tools with them wherever they go. The LG GW620 is perfectly positioned for the growing trend of mobile social networking. The touch-sensitive keys to get to the home screen or take a step back in menus are not among our favourites either. Perhaps it was just us, but we ended up pressing them involuntarily and exiting applications on random way too often (which can give you a nervous breakdown, say, if this happens while you capture snapshots). We would have like them better if they were normal, hardware buttons like the one that calls up the main menu or the other on either side of the handset. The latter are not particularly large, but are raised enough, clearly felt when pressed and feature great travel.

SpySat Setup for LG GW 620 Eve device


Instalation steps


1) Download "SpySat"  from Google Play  - all you need is to type "spysat" in search engine of Google Play Store or use this link

2) After installing the program will be available on the phone menu under the name Synteo SPYSAT.eu


3) When you first start the program it will ask you for a login and PIN devices.

In the Login field you have to enter your login used to log on to the spysat.eu
PIN could be defined on this website during defining the device (Spysat/Configure - button under the map).
Remember that entered PIN on the website must be exactly the same as PIN entered in the setup program on your LG GW 620 Eve.


If you have problems, please refer to our FAQ

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    Here is the video tutorial




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